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The information on this page is subject to change but will always be updated if changes are made by me.
Last updated 23/02/2024

Contact details

Rob Forest (the me/my/I referred to in this notice)
I am based in the UK.
Email address:

‘This website’ refers to the hosted webpages associated with the domain

Data that is collected about you

In using this website or optional associated services the following information may be collected about you:

-Log data: IP address, request/subscription/correspondance dates & times, page requested, HTTP code, bytes served, user agent (e.g. type of web browser, device, operating system), referrer (e.g. where you linked to the website from)

-Email address

-Email communication data: Email address, message content, subject, attachments, sent date and time

-Transaction data: Name, delivery address, billing address, payment method details (e.g. card details), location, purchase amount, date of purchase, any information entered into a checkout form (even if you opt not to complete the form or transaction)

Note: card payment details are never shared in their entirety with me and are instead processed by a secure third-party payment provider.

How your data is collected

All personal data, except log data, is collected with your consent by your deliberate action of sharing it with me, for example, subscribing to the mailing list for email updates, sending me an email, making a payment.

Log data is collected automatically when accessing/using this website or associated services provided by third-parties. Your IP address is also automatically logged when sending an email.

Please note: Third party services that are linked to from this website may also collect log data for their own purposes. Please read their separate privacy documents.

Why your data is collected & how it is used

Data provided/shared by you is collected and processed on the lawful basis of consent, contractual obligation or legitimate interest (by myself or a third-party service provider - see below) and is used to fulfil the service described at the point of data collection (such as sending you email updates about new releases and events, processing your payment & fulfilling your order, corresponding by email). This data may also be processed on the lawful basis of legal obligation and legitimate interest (for example, keeping evidence of payment transactions/corresponence and preventing fraud).

Log data which is collected automatically in your use of a service is processed on the lawful basis of legitimate interest and legal obligation in order to create access/activity records. This data is used to meet legal requirements, monitor errors, improve services, better understand service usage, maintain server security and prevent abuse of services (for example, preventing spam and fraud).

Who your data is shared with & how they use it

Your data is currently shared with or collected by (and shared with me) the following third-party service providers:

Infomaniakweb host / email provider / mailing list provider
Data stored in Switzerland
Infomaniak use your data to provide the services listed above to me, to improve and prevent abuse of their services and to meet their legal requirements. Infomaniak automatically scans email communication data to prevent spam and malicious emails but do not analyse email content for advertising purposes.
-Infomaniak's Privacy Policy

Stripepayment provider
Data stored globally
Stripe use your data to process online payment transactions with me, calculate applicable sales tax, invoice and bill, calculate revenue, send money to you (in the case of a refund), prevent fraud, verify your identity, ensure compliance with applicable laws and and improve their services. Stripe shares transaction data with me and various other entities in connection to your transaction, for example with your payment method provider in order to process a payment. Stripe also use cookies. Before making a purchase from me, please read Stripe’s privacy notices that explain how they use your personal data as an ‘end customer’:
-Stripe's end customer privacy information
-Stripe's Cookie Policy

Filen - cloud storage provider
Data stored in Germany
Downloadable files offered by me are hosted with Filen, an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage provider. They have informed me that no vistor data is logged when accessing publically shared download pages. They do make use of optional cookies.
-Filen's Privacy Policy

Any data collected about you may be shared with law enforcement on the basis of legal obligation if required by a court order.

How long your data is kept for

Log data associated with access to this website is kept by the web host for 30 days.

Log data collected by third-party services will be kept in line with their own privacy policies and terms.

Data relating to email communication is kept for as long as is necessary to resolve your query and may be kept indefinitely if it serves as evidence of a contract/transaction or is necessary to meet legal obligations.

If you have subscribed to receive email updates, your email address, sign-up log (IP address, date and time) will be kept for as long as you remain a subscriber. If you opt-out from receiving email updates by way of unsubscribing you will immediately stop receiving emails from me (unless we are in correspondence regarding your unsubscribe request) and your email address will be kept on an 'unsubscribed list'. You can request your data be permanently deleted from my mailing list and the provider's internal database by emailing me at This deletion process can take up to 30 days.

Transaction data relating to payments will be kept for at least 6 years in order to meet legal obligations.

Your data rights

You have the right to:
-Request copies of your personal data.
-Withdraw consent where consent has been given (so long as legal obligations are still met).
-Request an amendment to your data if you believe it to be inaccurate or incomplete
-Request erasure of your personal data in certain circumstances

-Request a restriction of the processing of your data in certain circumstances
-Object to processing of your data in certain circumstances
-Request that your personal data be transferred to another organisation, or to you, in certain circumstances
-You have the right to raise a complaint with me or the information commisioner if you have concerns about the way your data is being used

Requests can be made by emailing

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that are downloaded on to your computer when visiting a website. They are used by many websites and can do a number of things, e.g. remembering your preferences, analysing website usage.

A cookie is used during the email subscription process. When subscribing for email updates, upon clicking the 'Subscribe' button you will be linked to a captcha form on a webpage hosted by Infomaniak (my mailing list provider). This webpage uses javascript and a session cookie (SASESSION) which is necessary for the subscription tool to function. This cookie only remains active for 2 hours and is needed to keep the information of which Newsletter and which contact are being managed by the subscription section of the tool. You consent to this cookie being used upon clicking the 'Subscribe' button on the basis that notice is clearly given in the text above the 'Subscribe' button

. Please note, cookies and/or javascript are also utilised by other externally linked third-party services (e.g. payment pages, download pages). The third-party should notify you of their cookie use upon visiting their website. External links to such services are highlighted using link titles which display 'External link' when hovered over.

This website does not use:
-Newsletter tracking (email opens and link click tracking is turned off)
-Advertising integration
-Social media integration
-Embedded fonts or analytics code

External links Links to third-party websites where you will be subject to separate terms and privacy policy practices (such as the use of cookies, trackers, etc.) are highlighted using the link title 'External link' which displays when you hover over a link.


Please email if you have any questions.

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